01What is AIR all about?
Air is not your run-of-the-mill furniture retailer. We are a 100% Singapore company. What is different about us is that majority of our furniture are designed right here in Singapore. The manufacturing is left to our established manufacturers and suppliers from the world over.

02What so different about Air and other furniture retailers?
We pride ourselves on the fact that all our designs are derived from our very own backyard and not dependent on foreign catalogues or suppliers. This is crucial as it allow us to come up with furniture that is suited to your very own lifestyle and not someone else's. Yes, we do carry imported items, but this is to provide you with a wider range of furniture that will save you time in looking elsewhere.

03Where am I able to view your furniture collection?
We have two outlets in Singapore. You will be able to visit our outlets at a time of your convenience. Alternatively, you may also visit our website. Although we do provide you with an updated website as often as we can, viewing our collection on the web does not do justice in comparison to coming down to our stores and experiencing it first-hand.

Moreover, we will endeavour to update our website periodically, when necessary.

But it's always the best to experience our offerings first hand at our outlets.

04I thought you guys are a local company but why the prices are all as high as imported, why don't make in places where it is cheaper?
Air is 100% homegrown that collaborates with manufacturing partners and suppliers from the world over. We benchmark ourselves with that of internationally renowned companies and their standards. We are currently exporting our range of furniture to USA, Europe and even North Africa. By comparison, you will be assured that you are getting international standards of furniture but at prices that are much more competitive. We will source out the best partners there is available.

Even if our collection were to be made in Malaysia, we will source out the best partners there is available.

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05Where is your product made in? Is there any cert that you can proof is made in oversea?
We work with established manufacturing partners and suppliers in different countries who have many years of experience and are astute in their areas of expertise so that you can be assured of the quality of the furniture that you are buying.

We would like to reassure that the furniture that you have bought from us are from reputable partners from the world over even though we do not provide proof of place of manufacture from some of our collection. All you need to know is that you are buying from Air.

06Why does your company have majority of the furnitures fabricated overseas instead of Singapore?
Most of our designs are relatively intricate and complex in terms of the construction methods, even if the outlook looks simple. We are constantly looking for better technology and materials that can realise our designs. We have found it in our partners overseas that also place a high regard for quality as well.

We pride our furniture on its quality. Every piece that rolls out from our facilities is quality controlled to ensure that it passes our stringent requirements. We are also consumers too and would like to have the every same quality as expected by you.

07Do you provide warranty?
Yes we do. We have limited warranties on structure/frames used in upholstered and leather products, foam and stitches, hardware and materials. All you have to do is to just complete a warranty form and one of our staff will personally attend to you and your concern. Kindly refer to the warranty section in our website for more details.

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08What is meant by limited warranty?
All furniture that is subjected to normal use will ultimately have wear and tear over time. Thus, as much as we would like to provide unlimited warranties, we do encourage our customers to spend a little effort to take care of their furniture like they would with any big ticket item that they own, to ensure that they are able to enjoy their furniture for a long time to come.

However, in any event that it is truly that of the manufacturer's oversight, we will not hesitate to look into the matter and rectify the problem and any inconvenienced caused.

We will also be more than happy to render the required assistance with your furniture that you have purchased with us and provide the necessary actions for a small administration fee.

09I've been shopping around there no shop that have to accept full payment.
In order for us to proceed with your order, a collection of full payment is necessary so that we will be able to progress without delay, all upon the confirmation of your order. Please do remember that we do not carry stock (thus reducing warehousing cost). Adding on, each and every individual company operates in accordance to its policies.

10How come the lead time is so long?
"Good things comes to those who wait." We believe that our designs do require that little extra attention to be given to it. Apart from the distance of the place of manufacture, we do not keep stock of our furniture. This, in return, would mean savings for you as the cost of warehousing does not need to be factored into the final price to you. We also believe that our lead time is in tandem with industry practices as well.

At the same time, all our customers would like to have their furniture as soon and quickly as possible. But being a fair business entity, we do seek your understanding that we do have a sequence of orders to fulfill before moving on to yours. Besides, quality furniture takes time to produce. Thus, a little patience is always worth the wait.

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11Do you offer package deal? How come other companies do and not yours?
Special bundled discounts are always providing the impetus of a good deal. But we believe that our customers are a discerning and critical group of buyers. You know what they are looking for and may not necessary need to be informed of what works for you.

More often than not, a bundled package stifles the perfect combination that you are looking for. Adding on, the prices that we are offering to you are indeed the best prices that you will get in relation to the quality that you see from our collection.

It is our company's raison d'etre to make design affordable to all that appreciates it. Not only do we ensure our designs are up to date but we also have to ensure that we price it in accordance to the market as well. The fact that we have maintained our generous discounts to you shows that we are doing what we can to maximize your savings with us as well.

12How long do I have to wait for imported items that you carry from Italy (eg. Pedrali, Serralunga etc?)
Such orders are usually completed within 5 months or less. In order to keep the price low, we need to consolidate with other orders to ensure that you do not overpay for any undue cost. This is to reduce the additional cost that you would have to pay should you want to have it earlier.

We are able to air freight, at your cost, should you require it earlier.

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13What are delivery times? What should I take note of on the day of delivery?
Once we have received your items, our staff will contact you to arrange a suitable time to deliver them to you. Our delivery staff will bring the item into your home and position it at your request.

We have three timings throughout the day at your convenience.

- 10am-12pm
- 1pm-3pm
- 4pm-6pm

For delivery to flats/apartments without lifts access for large items, our delivery staff will be able to deliver the items via the stairwell at an additional cost of S$20/flight of stairs.

If you are uncertain if the items you bought are able to deliver via your lift, please do check with our consultants. We would also strongly encourage you to inspect the items delivered before you sign off on the delivery order.

14My home is not ready yet; can I store the furniture I got with you?
Yes, you are able to store your items that you have bought with us for a limited period of time. Please do check with our consultants for more details.

The above are just some of the more questions that we have gotten through our valued customers over the years. But we are aware that each and every one of our customers is different from the other.

Should you have a yearning question that you have for us, please do feel free to drop us an email or just simply call us. We will be more than delighted to assist you in any way possible.

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